Monday, December 26, 2011

Halloween to Christmas

Last I posted I was obsessed with turning this...

...into this!

 And then there was November.  In November, the volunteers of the Bowdoinham Public Library set their crafty minds to creating small bits of paper loveliness for the sale that we call "Treasures From the Library Attic".  We use books left over from the November Book Sale, added to those books we salvage from the Barn of Opportunity, and make ornaments, journals, bookmarks and gifts. We sell the items at the Bowdoinham Guild of Artisan's Show and Sale on the first weekend of December. Here are a few pictures, by Tony Cox, of our successful (first) show last year.

We had a great selection of ornaments.  Katie Smith's ballerinas were again the crowd favorite. Used canning jar lids make great frames for decoupage.

Stephanie Miller made beads from old book pages and strung beautiful necklaces.

Laurie Peavey-Ross covered cigar boxes with sheet music and old illustrations.

Magnet makers this year included the Kira Decker, Alison Berry, Larissa Decker and the Coker family.

This year's magnets featured Kate Greenway illustrations, cherubs from a 1800's poetry text, and the Peanuts gang.

The journals that I make from Reader's Digest Condensed Book covers sold like hotcakes. I'll blog about how I make them. Stay tuned.

With hundreds and hundreds of old circulation cards to use up, we search for new ideas to highlight those old signatures.

And yes, the light switch plates with covers from romance novels were popular items again this year.  If you go the the Barn and find paperback romances devoid of their covers... I'm the guilty thief.

Darcie Moore came to visit one of our paper crafting sessions in November and wrote a nice article in the Times Record.

It was a huge success again this year.  We topped last year's total by $400. I am thrilled and know that we have such a great thing going.  It is fun to share time and creative ideas among friends / volunteers, and to have the end result be a great profit for the Library.  Thanks to Katie Smith, Laurie Peavey-Ross, Allison Berry, Amy Decker and family, Kirsten Coker and family, Jayne Greely, Diana Mosher, Stephanie Miller, Heidi Balboni, Sarah Zell, Marlene Hensley and all of you who came and saw and purchased!

I am determined to be a better blogger in the new year.  For now I'll just wish you a Happy Halloween, a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

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  1. Oh what a fun catch-up... and love love love the idea of the Romance novel covers as switchplate absolutely perfectly kitsch! Bowdoinham picked good when they selected you for the library (and the town!), hugs, Sarah


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