Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Welding at Snow Farm

I just spent an amazing 3Day weekend at a craft school called 
Snow Farm in Williamsburg, Massachusetts. Andy's cousin Karen Totman is the Director there, and I've wanted to visit for a very long time.  I took a welding class taught by Alison Safford. I lucked out- a great teacher and a very inspiring group of 4 fellow students.  A huge "thank you" to my in-laws who just knew that a weekend away to craft, and eat, and craft some more, was a perfect Christmas gift to me. A bonus was that my mom came too.  Creative people, beautiful grounds, great food which I neither cooked nor cleaned up, crafting for 12 hours a day, and hangin' with my mom?... pinch me, I'm dreaming.

I hope these picture capture the essence of it all.

 On the first day I turned this...

into this...

 and on the second day I turned this...


                                                                          into this:

While secretly pretending I was Jennifer Beals, in Flashdance.


Alison, my teacher. She braises, she welds, she torches. She makes art.

while his brother Dave made a horse's head...

Pete, from R.I. made an amazing Dragonfly table

...and a horse's rear!

You'll see and hear more about my recycled iron trellis, because I am adding some old glass bottlenecks before I consider it complete.  Stay tuned for some better pictures of it, too.

Oh.  If you are wondering how I kept cool during the weekend's heat, while welding, you'll have to check out my profile picture on Facebook. 

And if you missed the early 80's, you won't get it at all.  Your loss.