Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Altered Couture Tomorrow Night

It may be a bit mean to tell you about a great event for which tickets are already sold out.  I'm lucky to have two tickets to the Altered Couture Fashion Show at the Frontier for tomorrow night. It will benefit the ArtVan.  $5 to get in and then an auction for the fashions we see.  Artists were invited to design and create using no more than $30 worth of second hand or re-purposed clothing or materials from GoodWill or other resale stores.  Sara Cox of Bowdoinham has been "sewing for 2 days straight" and gave me this little glimpse of just ONE of her outfits that will hit the runway tomorrow night. 
 Fiber artist Susy Perrine blogged about her dress, (made from children's books!!!!) in progress here.  If they allow me to take pictures, I'll blog about afterwards. 
Now I ask you, isn't recycling the perfect vehicle for art?