Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Before you Recycle this week's news...

...dig into the newspaper box to the Maine Sunday Telegram from this past Sunday, Aug 14, and pull out section A.  On page 11 there is a big ol' coupon from Hannaford, offering $2 off any "Close to Home" produce item.  Yup, that means when you are in the produce section of Hannaford (we don't need to be there much at this time of year, do we? I admit I still need my avocados and bananas... I digress) you look carefully for the nifty stickers under the item labels for another label that says "Close to Home" which alerts you to the fact that that item was grown nearby.  I'm not an extreme couponer but $2 off gets my attention.  And this time I used it to buy a beloved product: organic arugula grown 100 yards from my front door. Really.
 People know I love to exaggerate to make a good story but this time, when I say it's grown 100 yards from my front door, I am NOT exaggerating. I took this picture standing on my front step. That's my driveway, my lawn, my small patch of corn, berries and weeds, and beyond that, is the Locally Grown greens of loveliness. Maybe it's LESS than a 100 yards. I'm a football mother, I should know my yardage.
We love to watch the farmers till, fertilize, sculpt, plant, weed and harvest this product.  The bummer is that our local Brunswick Hannaford doesn't carry it consistently. I found this box on my way through Lewiston. So you'll need add the price of a drive to Lewiston or Gardiner to your price.  Normally $2.99, but for the coupon clippin' woman from Bowdoinham? .99. Not bad.
You can read an outdated but nice article about this farm here.

Now, what can I make out of that plastic box it comes in?


  1. Coupon Lady.....you're awesome!

  2. hmmmm... somebody else might have snuck over there under the cover of dark and snipped enough to fill up that container!

    We (meaning Don) uses those containers to collect his fungi in. And then they go back into the fridge where they take up valuable (especially valuable since we have a smaller fridge) space.

    Save a bunch, connect them all together and make a see-through "wall" for your garden or something?

  3. I learned from farmer Eric this week that they have no control over where their product goes after it is sold to Hannaford. Also, the organic arugula under the Hannaford label is usually this Bowdoinham product, as is the Olivia Organics arugula. Cool! Just wish all of that had the "Close-to-home" label attached.


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