Saturday, July 2, 2011

At long last, the Fashions

I haven't forgotten! Just a wee bit busy with a few other things. The Altered Couture fashion show at the Frontier on June 15 was pure entertainment.  There were designers who were 9 years old...
Designers who were teenagers, and designers who weren't teenagers!  There were drag queens and grandmothers. All of the artists spent $30 or less at second hand stores for their materials. A panel of local judges gave each design marks from 0-10.

 I loved this design, which had a sheer black fabric on top of a  hand-painted flower design.

 Susan Perrine created the incredible dress out of childrens board books.  Here is the artist with her model.

And the Bowdoinhamers: our friend Sara Cox posing after the show with her model, Georgia Ahlers.
You know when Sara's creations appear tame, that you are in a wild crowd.Head to toe, lovely.

And here is the show's host and creator, Christine DeTroy, with another young contestant.  I imagine Christine was pleased with the show.  The 25 designers:
Christine DeTroy, Rose Edwards, Patricia Boissevain, Angela Ann Alderete, Ruth Connelly, Shon Rivera,  Emily Weir, Elica Edwards, Donald Edwards, Hannah Herrick, Laurie Sims, Isaac Atkins, Kim De Vries, Catherine Worthington, Marji Greenhut, Molly Blaisdell, Susan Perrine, Aura Ever, Joe Swain, Sara Cox, Rebecca Hammer, Barbara Kay, Crank Sturgeon, Chana Boone.

And the winner was: "Crank" Sturgeon, whose creation appeared to be mostly made from camping equipment.  He stole the show. To watch a 4 minute video of Crank's runway moment, complete with amazing sound, check out this video from the Frontier Facebook page. ( If it doesn't load, try searching for Crank Sturgeon Altered Couture and you'll find it). Thanks, Brigid, for joining me for a very fun evening out. Next year... let's see some Barn of Opportunity fashions out there.

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