Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Woolens from Bin #2

 Many people have discovered the joys of repurposing old sweaters. I know this because it is harder and harder to find old sweaters at the barn! We wool- seekers enjoy felting the sweaters up in our washing machines, chopping them up while avoiding moth holes, and sewing them back together.  The edges are semi finished due to the felting process and it's dreamy to work with.  Sara Cox was captured by the paparazzi at the Barn a few weeks ago, dressed in a great shawl that she made out of a few holey sweaters, adorned with buttons, a pocket and some hand stitching. Work it, Sara.

And then there is my friend Hannah.  Hannah Beattie has been making  have been turning old sweaters into great stuffed animals she calls "softies" for a few years now and been hard at the craft-show-circuit.

Recently, Hannah and her sister-in-law Leslie Beattie have secured a great studio workshop in Fort Andross, above the Flea Market, and they call it the Beattie Chicks Makery. The Beattie Chicks offer craft classes for kids as well as grown-ups.  There is also a small retail space which you can visit by appointment.  The Makery is a huge, well-lit happy place where a gaggle of folks can come to make great stuff with these two women leading the way.  My daughter is all signed up for a week of their "girl camp" this June.

 I delivered a sweater to Hannah a few weeks ago that I found in Bin #2, knowing she loved stripes and knowing she would craft something wonderful out of it...

...and yesterday I visited the Makery and met the newest softie, named "Ellie".  Wouldn't some lucky kid just love that softie to bits?

Check out the books listed in my sidebar for more great ideas for recycling old sweaters. And I would just love it if you would keep reading my blog and I'll share more ideas. Hoo Hoo who knows what might come up?


  1. Ellie is a huge improvement over that sweater! Way to go Beattie Chicks! (and Kate!)

  2. Love the softies and Sarah's wrap!! Great post!

  3. Aren't you just the greatest Kate!

  4. AnonymousMay 21, 2011

    Awesome Kate. I look foward to future collaborations!
    xo Sara cox


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