Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Composters- stand up and be counted!

David Berry and the rest of the town's Solid Waste Committee are putting the finishing touches on the annual report of the town's recycling program and curbside pickup.  They want to make sure they have an accurate measure of who is composting materials at home.  To that end they ask that you stop by the town office or the barn and fill out a slip of paper that asks one simple question: Do you compost at home?
Too bad the paper is too small to go on in detail about how each of composts at home.  They would read things like "Well, outside I have three static piles and one active pile, and in the winter I focus on my vermiculture composting and have two rotating indoor bins for kitchen waste..."  I can hear my pre-teen saying "T.M.I., Mom, T.M.I."  So it's a simple yes, or no, I guess.  And for your trouble, you are entered into a drawing to win this beautiful composter from Brett Thompson, (The Worm Biz), and F.W.Horch.  Good luck. Drawing will be held on the spring equinox, March 20!  Ahhhh, spring....


  1. "Do you compost at home?" No, siree bob, we do not...We carry it ALL to the Recycling Barn and let the experts get all static, active, and vermiculture on it!

  2. I am thoroughly dedicated to my rot piles at home and my bucket o' gross that I diligently bring to the Barn. I washed my own diapers and I still think it's the grossest thing I do in my household. Gross, yes, but worth all the odorless bags of garbage (one 30gal bag every 3 weeks for a family of 5)!!!


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